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Jenny's Heroes
Ellen Kynkor, Jenny's Great Aunt Ellen, recently passed away but she graciously made a very special donation to the Jennifer Leigh Kynkor Scholarship Fund at Miami University. Ellen "adopted" each and every one of her nieces and nephews and was a big favorite of all the kids in the family. Ellen's a Heroe!

Arne & Nina Esbin, are tremendous friends of the Foundation and supporters from day one. Arne's a Fraternity Brother of Gary Kynkor, Jenny's Dad and another in a long line of Miami University Alumni connected to the JLKF. Arne & Nina have been instrumental in the success of our scholarship program and our scholarship recipients. We could not have achieved our goals without their financial support & involvement. Sadly, Arne passed away recently leaving a huge void in our hearts. Our deepest sympathies to the incredible Esbin family!

Jon Baker, a classmate and good friend of Jenny's certainly added his name to the list of heroes this year when he rescued a person involved in a car accident just before the automobile went up in flames. Jon, we salute you, for taking great personal risk and saving a life! All of us are proud of you, and we know that Jenny is at the head of the list.

Drowsy or inattentive driving, particularly for young drivers, is a point of significant emphasis for this Foundation and will continue to receive a significant portion of our time and resources in coming years. Our goals include raising awareness to the danger and consequences of driving an automobile when tired or distracted, through better educational opportunities and through the media. We will be joining forces with other organizations, including, and others, to get the word out and hopefully save lives. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that at least 100,000 police-reported crashes and 1,550 deaths each year can be attributed to drowsy driving alone. Sadly, most experts agree that this number is being under-reported! We urge you to visit these websites and see first-hand just how severe this issue has become. We've got to begin the process of addressing this issue...accidents, injuries and deaths caused by drivers making these catastrophic mistakes in judgment are 100% preventable! We hope you will join us in this important effort.
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