The Jennifer Leigh Kynkor Foundation

has identified three primary missions.

1. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Research
2. Drowsy Driving Education and Awareness
3. Miami University (OH) Scholarships

These include:
1. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Research, Education, Awareness and Direct Financial Support
2. Drowsy Driving Education and Awareness for Teens
3. Miami University (OH) Scholarships for Students Seeking an Education & Career in a Field of Work Related to ASD or Developmental Disabilities
Proudly, our scholarship program at Miami will be fully vested by year-end, 2007 allowing us to shift a portion of our energies to Drowsy Driving Initiatives. ASD will remain our primary fundraising target.
The Jennifer Leigh Kynkor Foundation considers ASD it's highest priority, and will continue to support the regional ASD community, that includes:
The Autism Society of Greater Cincinnati
The Cincinnati Center for Autism
Dayton Area Families for Effective Autism Treatment
Rising Star Studios
Our efforts for these groups will help provide leadership, increase awareness, assist in legislative action to benefit families and increase resources to assist families in need.
Drowsy Driving for Teens
Preventable tragedies, such as drowsy driving, are sometimes the most troubling. Teenage drivers are at risk largely due to their inexperience & sometimes questionable decision-making. Through education and exposure to the consequences of Drowsy Driving, the JLKF hopes to increase awareness for teenage drivers, their friends and family. If our efforts can spare the life of one teenager, we will have made a difference.
  • Our hope is to engage student driving instructors throughout the state of Ohio in an ongoing process to make sure we are "driving home drowsy drivers." This would include speakers visiting with students during driver's education sessions and video presentations.

  • Through the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles we hope to undertake a poster campaign depicting photographs and statistical information relative to drowsy driving. These posters would be visible to anyone renewing driver's licenses or obtaining license plates. This campaign could include mailing of information along with yearly renewal notifications.

  • We would like the poster campaign to also be extended to our high schools, and to create a speaker's bureau to visit with high school students and speak directly to them about the dangers faced when driving improperly.


Jenny loved Miami University, and she wanted to work in the ASD field upon graduation. We are very proud to support education and MU in Jenny's memory. Students may apply for scholarships through MU, and upon meeting criteria for award, will be eligible for our annual scholarship. Students must be in a field of work leading to a career in the fields of Speech Pathology, Psychology, Social Sciences or a discipline that will one day increase our professionals helping children and families with developmental disabilities.

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