The Jennifer Leigh Kynkor Foundation is proud to have endowed a permanent scholarship at Miami University (OH), after awarding 4 scholarships since 2004 to deserving Miami University (OH) students. Please read the information below to find out about the scholarship, its history and recipients. In addition, you can find out how to make tax-deductible contributions to the scholarship as part of your annual giving or Foundation support.

The Jennifer Leigh Kynkor Scholarship
was formally endowed
at Miami University (OH)
December 13, 2007
The Jennifer Leigh Kynkor Foundation began in 2004 to forever honor Jenny’s memory and to create a permanent legacy through college scholarships to students who are pursuing Jenny’s own educational and career aspirations. Namely, working with autistic children as a Speech Pathology professional. On December 13, 2007, we reached an important milestone by permanently endowing a scholarship in Jenny’s name at her beloved Miami University (OH). This first scholarship will be awarded in 2008. Jenny’s scholarship is in the College of Arts and Sciences, and will be given to a student pursuing a degree in Speech Pathology with emphasis on autism. This scholarship is currently the only one of its kind at Miami University (OH).
This would have been Jenny’s,
she will help others fulfill their dreams.
The Jennifer Leigh Kynkor Scholarship has been fully endowed. However, we will still be accepting donations to build the overall scholarship value from any interested parties who wish to participate. Your tax-deductible contribution will be greatly appreciated. Follow the links below to make your contribution.
Division of University Advancement
Miami University
725 E. Chestnut Street
Oxford, OH 45056
Attn. Jennifer Leigh Kynkor Scholarship
As alumni of Miami University (OH) many of you make annual contributions to the general fund. Now, you can earmark your contribution specifically to the Jennifer Leigh Kynkor Scholarship if you so choose.
Make sure to Designate your donation: Jennifer Leigh Kynkor Scholarship


SARAH HASLETT 2018 Jennifer Leigh Kynkor Scholarship Awardee

The Jennifer Leigh Kynkor Foundation is proud to welcome Sarah Haslett as one of our two scholarship awardees for 2018.  Sarah was very surprised to learn she had been selected and is very grateful to have been chosen.  We've already met with Sarah and we can't tell you how pleased we are to welcome her to the JLKF family!  Sarah tells us that she always knew she would be pursuing a career in a field that would help people, especially children and young adults.  While working as an instructional aide at the Watson Institute in Pittsburgh, PA she developed a desire and passion to help individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Sarah worked in a classroom setting with young adults between the ages of 12 and 16, all with ASD.  Her students were amazing!  This rewarding experience helped shape her perspectives and led her to becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist.  Helping others communicate is her goal and now, as she completes her studies, we'll be adding another outstanding professional to the Autism community.  Congratulations Sarah, and best wishes as you forge ahead with your education and career!


ABBY CUNDIFF 2017 Jennifer Leigh Kynkor Scholarship Awardee

Everyone at the JLK Foundation is excited to honor Abby Cundiff with a scholarship this year!  Abby is another outstanding young woman who is well on her way to becoming an Autism professional.  Like Sarah, Abby was surprised to be selected and was humbled by the decision.  Like so many of our scholarship award winners, Abby is passionate about speech therapy and working with children diagnosed with ASD.  Congratulations, Abby, and best of luck as you complete your studies and take the next steps toward a career in the field.


CHRISTINA XIDAS 2017 Jennifer Leigh Kynkor Scholarship Awardee

The Jennifer Leigh Kynkor Scholarship will be awarded to two outstanding young women this year.  Christina Xidas is very excited…in her words, “I am Christina Xidas and I received the Jennifer Leigh Kynkor Scholarship!”  She added, “I want to say I am so honored to be given this scholarship and so thankful!”  Christina is already looking ahead to when she will begin her professional career as a Speech Pathologist and considering all those she will be assisting.  Her interest in speech pathology started with her Mother, who works at Miami Valley Hospital (Dayton, OH).  Knowing Christina’s desire to work in a “caring profession,” she suggested this path.  Up next was observing a speech language pathologist at Miami Valley Hospital and she fell in love with the cognitive and language tools speech pathologists utilize.  Summer camps came next, where Christina worked with children having a variety of disabilities.  She carried that love of children forward through her work with Big Brothers Big Sisters and Girl Scouts.  Christina has a great future plan in place and will be yet another outstanding professional who has a strong connection to Jenny’s Dream!



KATIE YOUNG 2017 Jennifer Leigh Kynkor Scholarship Awardee

Katie Young, like Christina, is also a Miami University undergraduate who will be completing her graduate studies at Miami,  as well.  In Katie’s words, “I am so very honored and grateful to have been awarded the Jennifer Leigh Kynkor Scholarship.”  Katie is studying speech pathology and will also be granted a double-minor in Child Studies and Family Relationships.  A career that directly impacts the lives of children and their families has been her goal for some time.  Katie had the opportunity to work with a child on the autism spectrum for the first time during a summer internship and that led her to choosing this career path.  The young boy she worked with “taught me the importance of inclusion, patience and the power of communication.”  Katie went on to working in a preschool classroom setting and another young person with ASD at Miami’s speech clinic.  The word “passion” is one we often hear from our scholarship recipients, including Katie.  “I have seen the positive impact communication has on the quality of life of these young children.  I am honored and extremely humbled to be awarded the Jennifer Leigh Kynkor Scholarship and spend my life helping children and their families live full, active lives.”  The goals of this scholarship are being fulfilled each and every year through outstanding young women like Christina and Katie!
Previous Award Winners
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2015 Bethany Clouse
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2014 Kaitlyn Drouillard
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